Yenly Ma
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Yenly is pronounced yen-lee. Currently living in San Francisco Bay Area. Believes in having a growth mindset and a craftsperson mindset. Maker of functional art. I am a fan of the maker movement. Lifelong learner. Ceramic artist. Travel photography hobbyist. Avid hiker. Love of nature and the desire to live minimally transformed me into a backpacker.

I code for my profession.
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What am I doing now?

Joined a private collective clay studio at Ware Studio near my new home. These ladies refer to themselves as warewolves. Needing and working on a photoblog to capture and cultivate my creativity. This triggered my desire to dust off my website to tend my digital garden. I am deep in yak shaving and swimming in ideas. A normal side effect of a clutter-full maker mind. Wrapping up on leading another cohort with The Collab Lab. Recognizing my need to shift my volunteer time to work with recharging intentions. I'm working on protecting my focus. Feeling the need to revisit fundamentals to make them into habits. Engaging and learning every day at Jeli. Working on learning and making in public. Learning to slow down and be intentional with my practice.

Last update on March 2022. Why now

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ~Rumi