Yenly Ma
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Yenly is pronounced yen-lee. Currently living in San Francisco Bay Area. Believes in having a growth mindset and a craftsperson mindset. Maker of functional art. I am a fan of the maker movement. Lifelong learner. Ceramic artist. Travel photography hobbyist. Avid hiker. Love of nature and the desire to live minimally transformed me into a backpacker.

I code for my profession.
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What am I doing now?

My current focus is on learning and growing.

Learning and making from scratch. It doesn't have to be perfect, complete, or fully baked. The idea here is to approach with a beginner's mindset and deliberate practice.

Practice coding. Practice writing. Practice applying what I learned.

Growing my skills. Growing my perspectives. Growing my creativity.

I'm building this digital garden to share what I'm learning and making. Creative mind space is where I find comfort from all the noise. Creative play gives me joy and hope.

I built Today I Learned Notes section to learn in public. I'm brainstorming on sketchbook concepts to share what I'm making and what inspires me.

Last update on November 2020. Why now

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ~Rumi