Yenly Ma

Learn Modern CSS, Create Style Stage Theme

Learning Plan Idea

Learn each Modern CSS Solutions for Old CSS Problem lesson. Then use the technique (if relevant) on creating a Style Stage theme for submission.


  • applying what I learn by layers into something tangible
  • contribute to OSS when I complete the series



Prep Work

  • Create repo using sass template
  • Set up repo to deploy to gh-pages
    • Look into github actions
  • Deep dive starter SASS code
    • Remove all existing styles to begin from scratch


  • design by tinkering approach
    • what I envisioned may be fuzzy; only when I experiment with the code then the design comes clear
    • learning to be ok with leaving helper CSS -> part of learning/making in public process
  • begin with mobile-first
    • a blank page often means too many possibilities; it wreaks havoc on my focus and feeds indecisiveness
  • use constraints to play with potentials and to layer on designs
    • let tablet and desktop ideas chill in the background until they become clear

Tools & Resources Used