Yenly Ma

Why Digital Garden Concept?

I code professional web user interfaces for my day job for the past 10+ years. So when it comes to my website, I have the freedom to play with code to spark creativity. I've spun up blogs throughout my career and abandoned them. I found their concept and information design restrictive. Blogs and portfolio sites do not represent all the dimensions of who I am and my interests.

  • always a work in progress which mirrors my journey in life
  • inspirations and notes are like seeds.
  • seeds may grow into seedlings and some may stay dormant
  • inspirations and notes may grow into ideas,
  • ideas may turn into experiments and potential projects
  • some seedlings may blossom and some may not
  • a garden is never complete and requires tending to
  • a garden can have many sections interconnecting
    • a mini garden within a garden i.e. TIL notes and this sketchbook are two different gardens

Compliments well with:

  • learning/making/working in public paradigm
  • Indie Web principles
  • sketchnoting and bullet journaling
  • maker's mindset