Yenly Ma

How I Built This

Why digital garden concept?

IndieWeb Principles

  • have fun scratching my own itch
  • make what I need with human design-first in mind
  • document to share with my future self and with others
  • own my data

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Visual Design Inspirations

I love looking at scrapbooks and bullet journals. I have these two hobbies along with sketchnoting on my want to learn list for the longest time. Why not scratch that itch by exploring these concepts as design constraints for my website's first iteration? I believe design constraints encourage creativity.


Want To Do

  • background & simple graph paper layout
    • paper variety - color schemes & design?
      • full page dotted - sketchbook
    • full page vs section containers
  • post-it note
  • fancy paper card for quotes
    • diff color scheme when used on graph/dotted paper
    • fun shape stickers for either before/after elements
    • place quote cards on left or right of full page paper
    • inline small quote treatment?
  • nav design
    • bookmark sticky tabs with doodle icons
  • doodles using freebie svg icons
    • explore how to add custom doodles as part of content
  • information design - last modified date, tags? categories?
    • sketchbook landing - list of sketch notes - sort by last updated
  • list styling
  • to-do checkbox styling
  • design image border decorations?